Terms of Use and Shopping

Internet page “Molimao” which is foun at you can use it for your private use without any fees for use, and according to Terms of shopping listed bellow.

We kindly ask you that you read terms of Shopping before start of using to shop products presented on web shop or getting information about products.

When you acess shopping of our products trough online store or only visiting this internet page for gathering information about products, we consider you are already familiar and that you agree with this terms of shopping, in contrary company Molimao clothing d.o.o. is freed from any responsibility.

If you do not agree with terms of shopping, please do not use this website for shopping or gathering information about them.


Seller company: Molimao clothing d.o.o. (Zelenih beretki 32, 71000 Sarajevo) JIB: 4202900990002, PDV broj: 202900990002, e-mail:

Online shopping is shopping product trough “molimao web shop”

Products: are all products that are listed on “Molimao web shop” and which are able to buy online on the website

Using is access to page in order to gather information about the products or making online shopping

User of Molimao web shop is every person that web page uses for shopping of presented products, or getting information about them.

Buyer is every person that finishes electronic order of at least one product.

Claim about protection and gathering of personal

We are comitted to secure personal dana of buyers, in a way that we only gather neccessary dana about them, that are essential in order to complete the purchase; we inform customers about the way of gathering their data, regurlarly we give to cutomers possibilty to chose about the way we gather personal dana, including the possibility do they wish or no to remove their name fromt he list for marketing campaign.  All dana are gathered and accessible to Studio deset employees which are neceessesary in completing our work. All our employees and business partners are responsiblle for repecting privacy.

Data about shopping cards that are filled by customer in coded form is transferred from the customers device in the authorisation server of the bank. Customer is responsible for process of accessing to the system and will take care of the security of data and passwords. Customer is responsible for the accuracz and coreectness of all data and is responsible for the damage if he provide uncorrect or false information.

Paying with credit cards

The secrecy of your information is protected and secured using SSL encryption. Online payment pages are secured using the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol with 128-bit data encryption. SSL encryption is a process of encrypting data to prevent unauthorized access during transmission. This enables secure transfer of information and prevents unauthorized access to data when communicating between the user’s device accessing the website and the WebPay service, and vice versa. WebPay services and financial institutions exchange data using a virtual private network (VPN), which is protected from unauthorized access. Monri Payment Gateway is certified according to the PCI DSS Level 1 security standard required by Visa and MasterCard. Credit card numbers are not stored by the merchant and numbers are not available to unauthorized persons.


Prices of all products are expressed in Euros (€). All prices include VAT. The seller is authorized to change prices without notice. Also, the Seller is authorized to determine at any time, discounts, daily or weekly actions, actions for a particular product, group of products and / or for all products.

Regardless of above listed clause of these Terms of Shopping, all ordered goods will be delivered at the prices on the accepted offer, that is, at the prices that were valid at the time when the Buyer made the purchase or order.


The buyer orders the product or products through an electronic order form. A buyer is any person who orders at least one product electronically, fills in the required information and sends the order. All prices are in Euros, VAT included. Goods are ordered electronically by clicking on a specific product and storing it in the cart. The goods are considered to be ordered when the buyer chooses and confirms the payment method.


Ordered products are paid online with:

  • Monri – card payment (Mastercard, Maestro or Visa)


Ordered products are packaged in such a way that they are not damaged during normal handling. When picking up, the buyer is obliged to check the condition of the shipment and, in case of damage, immediately advertise the product to the delivery person (employee of the company performing the delivery). disclaims all responsibility for damage that may occur on delivery.

If the buyer does not receive the goods, or the delivery notice, after it has been shipped, within the expected time, the buyer has the right to inform the seller in order to take action to find the shipment or to send a replacement shipment.

If the buyer refuses to receive the goods he has ordered, the seller has the right to ask the buyer for reimbursement of all costs associated with the delivery.

The seller agrees to send the shipment to the buyer as soon as he receives the confirmation that the online transaction is approved. Upon receipt of this confirmation, the merchant agrees to send the shipment within 5 (five) business days.

Once the shipper (the shipping company) receives the shipment from the seller, the seller is no longer responsible for the further course of delivery and any delays and problems that may arise regarding the further manipulation and delivery of the goods.

If the buyer chooses to pay upon delivery, the seller agrees to send a notification solely in the form of an email to the buyer.

Complaints agrees to deliver a product that is technically correct and fits the product description given on the “Molimao Web Shop”. In case of technical malfunction, the dealer assumes full responsibility. In case of technical defect, the buyer is obliged to advertise the product within 4 (four) working days from the day the product is taken over. After claiming a technical defect, the buyer is obliged to return the technically defective product by post, after which the will send the replacement product to the buyer within 3 (three) business days, without any charge.

In the case of the above, the buyer is not entitled to claim a refund but only a replacement product.

The Seller is not responsible for any damages and other obligations that are in the domain of the Supplier (service that performs product delivery).

Intelectual property

Seller gives Customers the right to use all services on this site for personal use only, for non-commercial purposes. Changing the content on the “Molimao Web Shop”, in any form, is prohibited as is copying, public performance, etc. The use of the “Molimao Web Shop” content on other websites is prohibited. The Seller reserves the right to grant the rights to publish any materials, parts of the “Molimao Web Shop” to a third party only in the case of a signed contract that governs the rights and obligations of the Seller and the third party that publishes the information.


The services provided by through this site do not include the costs you incur by using the devices and services to access our site. We are not responsible for the costs of the phone, Internet traffic or any other costs that may be incurred.


The seller is authorized, without notice, to change the content of the terms and conditions of use of this site or purchase, product range, prices, other information related to the web shop and all other content of “Molimao Web Shop”. Users and visitors to this site are obliged to be acquainted with the Terms and Conditions and their changes every time they visit. To do so relieves the Seller of any liability.

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