Interview for Designdicate

Međedović Sandin is a graphic designer & founder of the Molimao brand and design studio Studio Deset” 


In the world of graphic design, the path from the beginning to the top of a career is often winding, full of challenges, but also inspiring moments. Among those who have passed this path with extraordinary success is a graphic designer who is known today not only for his extraordinary visual work, but also for being the proud owner of two important brands – Molimao and Studio Deset.

With a current 18 years of experience, his journey has become an inspiration for many younger colleagues.

How did it all begin? What motivates him? What does it look like to be at the head of a successful design studio and lead a recognizable streetwear brand? In order to get more answers, we asked several questions. 

1. How did you start your journey in graphic design and what inspired you to take that path?

Graffiti is definitely the main culprit for my design… 

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