New decade

We don’t like film that we are currently living, so we decided for our tenth birthday to play a new one for you. Although celebration of our birthday isn’t like we imagined it to be, we decided not to wait in quarantine, so we are starting off with new website, fresh designs and projects that soon will be published. Our brand was made out of enthusiasm and desire for new aesthetic and energy which will be spread from Sarajevo. TV tower as a part of our visual identity for us is not only a symbol of the city, it also transmits positive energy and it gives as us a chance to see Sarajevo, our eternal inspiration from another perspective.

Sarajevo that on art prints decorate your walls, travels the world on our shirts and fills your notebooks with ideas. TV tower changed a lot of forms with us and has gathered around it our little Molimao community, so our new website is collection of all your suggestions, critics and ideas. Advanced cuts, new & high-quality materials and all possible forms of payment are available now on Our desire is to stay creative, relevant and to change alongside you. After 10 years of juggling between streetwear, graffiti roots and minimalistic design, we still grow, mature and try to do differently. We continue strong and look forward to go down new road with you.

*If you made it this far on the website, share with your friends as well 🙂

Your Molimao Team

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