City Without a Suitcase | Sarajevo Welcomes You

In series of the articles „City Without Suitcase“ popular news portal Vice Amuse visited Sarajevo, our eternal inspiration. Author of the article City Without Suitcase travels the world and discovers to its readers where locals shop local products such as shirts or handmade shoes? Where would you find the sharpest tailoring, the best haircut or the most soothing shave? James Tennent claims that travellers and tourist often overlook these things, but they’re often what gives a city its soul. And that’s how our brand Molimao ended up in this article, as a representative of local businesses. We talked about our beginnings, roots, and everything that brought us to today’s levels of production and visibility.

Another mainstay of Molimao is the TV Tower: a ball and spike that looms above one of Sarajevo’s hills; an abandoned structure that could symbolise decay and dejection, but has instead been repurposed into a site for some pretty intense raves. For some of the younger generation, according to one local, the tower is even now known as Molimao.

Read whole article here.

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